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Group Classes

In addition to our private lessons, we're proud to offer a roster of group programs designed exclusivley by music and education profressionals, aimed to teach and broaden musical foundations in a friendly small-group setting.

Tuneful Tots (3 to 5 years)

Join Barrhaven's most popular class for little musicians! Tuneful Tots provides a great foundation for young children to develop a lifelong love of music and aptitude for learning. Our program introduces pre-school aged children to the basic elements of music, including beat, rhythm, dynamics, tempo and pitch. Children will learn songs in a call-and-answer style, play various percussion instruments to develop rhythm, use body movements to express lyrics and participle in basic ear-training exercises.

Weekly class activities include:

✓   Singing and stories
✓   Dancing and movements
✓   Creating rhythms and beats
✓   Ear training
✓   Playing various percussion instruments
✓   Join other kids, make friends and have fun!

For Tuneful Tots scheduling and registration information, please
contact us!

BMA Primary Choir Program (6 to 8 years)

The BMA Primary Choir is developed for students ages 6-8, with no previous vocal or performance experience necessary. This program is a perfect starting place for young students who express a desire to sing in a group and gain experience on stage.

For BMA Primary Choir Program scheduling and registration, please
contact us!

BMA Choir Program (9 to 13 years)

The BMA Choir is Barrhaven's only choir program for students ages 9-13! New members are always welcome, including our registered students and those not currently enrolled in private lessons. The program is a great way for singers to develop themselves, no matter what your experience level or vocal style. Along with helping participants become more comfortable singing as a group, our choir program will strengthen their musical ear, teach them how to harmonize and expand their repertoire.

Why join a choir?

✓   Exercise all major muscle groups in the upper body
✓   Develop healthier and stronger lungs
✓   Expand your singing repetoire
✓   Become a more confident performer
✓   Meet fellow students and singers!

For BMA Choir Program scheduling and registration, please
contact us!

BMA Jazz Ensemble (10 to 17 years)

The BMA Jazz Ensemble is great for young musicians aged 10-17 who wish to increase their overall musicianship through regular performance opportunities and better understanding of harmony and improvisation. These, coupled with team work, dedication, and the continued goals of bettering ones-self, while having also fun on a Saturday morning, is what the members of the BMA Jazz Ensemble will aim towards every week.

What instruments would enjoy this program?

✓   Horns: Trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute and saxophone
✓   Rhythm: drums, guitar, bass and keyboard/piano
✓   Vocals

For BMA Jazz Ensemble scheduling and registration, please contact us!

BMA Band Program (8+ years)

The BMA Band Program is for students who want to join a band, meet other musicians, and have fun! Be mentored by a seasoned band coach and learn the tips and tricks of how to become a solid, gig-ready band. Performing regularly at BMA Coffeehouses and Concerts will help your group build up a setlist of favourite songs, improve stage presence and master your own instrument at the same time.

Why join a band?

✓   Become a better musician and performer
✓   Learn a variety of songs and build a gig-ready setlist
✓   Be mentored by a professional band coach
✓   Build great group dynamics
✓   Have fun playing music!

For BMA Band Program scheduling and registration, please
contact us!

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