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‍‍‍‍‍‍We are a team of dedicated professionals ready to do what it takes to ensure you fall in lo‍‍‍ve with the art of music.

Nadia Zaid
Owner, Piano, Vocal, & Theory


2900 Woodroffe Avenue

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Ottawa, On‍‍‍tario, K2J 4G3

[email protected]


With an enrollment of over 350 students, BMA strives to maintain a personable, friendly approach while building a team-oriented educational institution focused on the quality of our lessons.

Class curriculums are tailored to the individual needs of each student.

All of our teachers are professional, experienced and extremely passionate about music. All staff been trained to meet our exceptional standards and how to be versatile and work with the strengths and weakness of each student.

We strive for prompt client service and provide after-hour email communication for questions or rescheduling needs.

Teachers are happy to work with parents and/or guardians to meet their specific wants and needs for their child's music education and provide plans to reach their goals.‍‍‍

What Can BMA‍‍‍ Offer You?

Private, one-on-one lessons in a variety of disciplines.

Brand new renovated studio space provides state-of-the-art sound isolating technologies and warm, inviting colours to enhance the creative experience. Three of our studio rooms house their own beautiful ebony-polished upright Yamaha acoustic piano for our students to enjoy, as well as a top-of-the-line Yamaha electronic drum kit for our percussion students.

Studios equipped with eco-friendly Audimute acoustical panels to reduce reflected sound and dampen echo and reverberation, creating a terrific acoustic environment for our students.

Performance opportunities for all students, including our biannual concerts in December and June at Cedarview Alliance Theatre a professional, 700 seat auditoirum.

Our popular Tuneful Tots Early Music Education Program, designed by education and music professionals for young students aged 3 to 5.

The BMA Junior Choir, Barrhaven's only choir for students aged 9 to 13, bu‍‍‍ilt to enhance their vocal techniques, performance skills and become better overall singers.

Our vision for all students - young and old, beginner through advanced - is to learn, create and innovate through the gift of music. Anyone and everyone is welcome to the BMA family!

To register for lessons give us a call at 613-459-6027 or send an email to [email protected].

Tashi Bernard
Piano, Vocal, Director of the Junior Voca‍‍‍l Group

‍‍‍Sam B‍‍‍oisvert
Violin, Viola, & Piano

Matt Devost
Piano, Guitar, Bass, Vocal, Clarinet, Saxophone, Ukelele & Theory

Joel Lefebvre
Guitar, Bass, Beginner Drums & Vocal

Mindy Maier
Piano & T‍‍‍heory

Alyssa Munro

Alex Polley
Piano, Guitar, Bass, Brass, & Leader of the Jazz Band Program

Laryssa Pretty
‍‍‍Piano &‍‍‍ Theory

Amanda Seed
Piano &‍‍‍ Theory

Morgan Strickland
Vocal, Piano, Director of Junior Choir

Josh‍‍‍ua Main
Full Time Administrator

Zahraa Salami
‍‍‍Part Time A‍‍‍dministrator

Amanda Geller
‍‍‍Part Time A‍‍‍dministrator

Stephen Rouble
‍‍‍Violin‍‍‍ & Piano

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Jesse Kelly
Drums, Guitar, Bass & Beginner Piano


Rhea Chopra
‍‍‍Piano‍‍‍ & Theory

Clarissa Fortin

Vocal & Director of Tuneful Tots and Primary Choir

Chris Santillan
Piano & Theory

Andrew Parmelee
Guitar, Bass, Drums, & Band Coach